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Accelerating Capital Access Agenda 

Morning Session is a single track on critical issues. Afternoon Sessions offer two tracks: Company Investor Presentations and Peer Advisory meetings. 


SCHEDULE   Saturday March 12, 2016 


8:30     The Investor Mindset

9:30     Regulatory & SEC upate

10:30   Idea to NYSE. Case study

11:30   Crowdfunding and Reg A+

12:30   Separating from the pack  


1:30    Winning investor presentations

2:30    Company investor presentations and CEO/CFO Peer Group Meetings

5:30    Investor Reception


Companies that apply can receive a free critique by our expert faculty on their web ex presentation.  For information complete this short questionnaire


Morning Session Descriptions


The Investor Mindset.  What Investors really think.  Understanding the psychology of your target is fundamental to successfully raising capital. This session will feature case studies and critical components to deal structure, management, valuation, presentation this session gets inside the head of the investors including the questions to ask and the answers to give.  Session leader Scott Kimball, a former MicroCap CEO and now investor banker with Gemini Southern will lead this interactive session to provide insight on understanding your source of capital and a strategy to close financing. Includes Ryan Hodson, Kodiak Capital Portfolio and Fund Manager, who has done more than 200 debt and equity investment transactions.


SEC updates and Outreach. Regulatory. Understanding the new regulatory regime Post JOBS Insuring that the capitalization table and strategy doesn’t impinge on future capital raises. Capital structure planning including tax considerations can play a meaningful role in attracting or turning away prospective investors. Important to structure management options, warrants.  Managing step ups, down rounds, deal terms. Sonia Luna current serves on the SEC Advisory Committee for Small Business and Emerging companies.


From Idea, to Launch to NYSE listing. The pitfalls, land minds, back alleys and everything in between. This incredibly valuable session will offer insider perspective into the strategy and tactics to finance a growth company. Leading the discussion is Jim Pekarsky, CEO of BPMX who will share his experiences up listing BPMX from an OTC firm to NYSE as well as insights from 30 years growing diverse medical research and high-tech companies, including 10 years as the Chief Financial Officer of public and private companies and more than a decade counseling start-ups in Silicon Valley and leading their financings, acquisitions and initial public offerings.


Crowdfunding and. Regulation A+ A look at the new tools for raising capital online. With the JOBS Act now fully implemented increasingly companies are leveraging the power of the Internet to raise capital and looking to Regulation A+ as the on ramp to IPO. This session will look at the mechanics of recapitalizing into a Reg A+ freely tradable shares and to provide liquidity to investors. Resources include Scott Purcell, founder of FundAmerica which is a primary provider of the technology used by these new financing platform and Ron Miller whose platform Start engine recently completed the largest Reg A offering, the $16 million financing of Elio Motors.


Separating From The Pack. Investors want to know senior management has an understanding of strategic execution and planning, large-scale change efforts, organizational design, leadership team building, merger and acquisition/integration dynamics, employer brand building, customer alignment and disruptive market forces. Scott Hamilton, CEO of Executive Next Practices and Next Works Strategy is a globally noted business leader in the area of board, executive and organizational performance from entrepreneurial ventures to the Fortune Global 500.


Winning Investor Presentation. Building a world class investor presentation. How you present the investment opportunity is critical to successfully raising funding and is a key data point that reflects your company’s communications savvy.  Advance coaching will be provided to companies to help them prepare and feedback from investors at the event will help them sharpen.  TV veteran IR  Christi Mottola will lead discussion on how to manage Investor Relations. The takeaway is a first class presentation capable of attracting investor audiences.


Afternoon Session Description



March 12, 2016 Newport California.

Pelican Hill Resort 



Jim Pekarsky

Christi Mottola

Scott Hamilton

Michael Weickert

Sonia Luna

Brett Johnson 

Scott Lopez

Scott Kimball



Companies interested in participationg can recieve a complimentary critique of their presentation. 


To Particpate


All conferences are by invitation only to pre-screened investors. We encourage you to complete a short survey to receive additional information. 



Companies interested in presenting can complete a short questionnaire and provide the most recent PowerPoint deck, and/or video executive summary about the company and its strategy. Apply



Investors interested in attending must complete the standard questionnaire. Apply

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