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Higher performance. Higher valuation. Enhanced access to growth capital. 

Companies that list on the OneMedMarket will gain benefits that empower management to improve performance.  




Capital access.

By providing liquidity, investment capital can be more easily attained.



Increased valuation.

Listing companies capture a liquidity premium that enables their stock to become a currency.  


Build a following.

Listing will facilitate the attraction of healthcare influencers and experts representing both investors and customers. 


Positioning for future financing. OMM puts in place the foundation for optimized exit strategies including public offering quickly and efficiently at a reduced cost for its listing companies.



>> Due Diligence

Independent research provides investor confidence

>> Research Coverage 

Ongoing quality information to investors  


>> Liqudity  

Capacity for investors to monetize their investment

>> Introductions

To capital sources and to experts and advisors 

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