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6th New York OneMedForum

OneMedForum New York Healthcare Investment Conference


Our 6th OneMedForum New York will present our best healthcare investment ideas including firms with potentially blockbuster drugs and disruptive technologies in such areas as: Drug delivery, Diagnostics, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, Addiction, Clinical Trials, Aesthetics, and Health Information Technology.  A small and select group of companies who have passed a rigorous selection process will present:


  • Public Companies. Presenting firms have been identified in a broad survey of investors, analysts, and executives and then further screened by scientific advisors for their clinical merit. The ultimate objective is information on the most undervalued microcap companies.  


  • Private Companies. We have focused on companies with potential breakthroughs that are typically at their first institutional financing round and at the point where they offer the greatest potential return.  


  • Special Session. Regulation A+   The conference will offer an educational track on Reg A+ to help issuers and financiers understand how to capitalize on this significant new capital structure. Often referred to as the “mini-IPO, ” Reg A+ could usher in a new era in growth company capital formation.  Read The Brilliance of Regulation A+


This event is targeted toward active financial and strategic investors seeking to meet the management of the companies shaping the future of health and medicine.


For information on participating, please complete a short profile below. 


This event will be focused on connecting financial and strategic investors with the management of a select group of growth companies - our best investment ideas in a range of areas based on extensive research.  

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Investors interested in attending must complete the standard questionnaire.

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