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OneMedMarket is providing a Venture Track for the Disruptive Growth and Healthcare Conference February 10th in New York.

Wednesday, February 10th afternoon 12:00PM-5:00PM Presenting Companies


Depression. Treatment for bipolar depression that targets the brain's receptors regulating thoughts related to depression and suicide. Studies show a 50% -70% drop in symptoms of depression and suicidality.


Opioid Abuse Deterrence. First FDA approved product to help combat the epidemic of prescription opioid abuse in the U.S by physical and chemical manipulation.


Orthopedics. Commercialization of generic Class III orthopedic medical devices. The business model is to bring lower cost devices to market by obtaining licenses for products presently ex-US.


Brain Cancer. Developing first-in-class small molecule therapeutics specifically targeting cancer stem cells in the central nervous system for the treatment of glioblastoma multiforme (GBM) and other brain cancers.


Structural Heart Repair. Percutaneous and minimally invasive structural heart repair procedures. Technology is based on a breakthrough in soft-tissue anchoring and associated delivery devices.


Drug Delivery System. Transdermal drug delivery using its patented spray-on system that enables medications to be delivered rapidly through the skin, for systemic or localized application. 


Neurodegeneration Diagnostics and Treatments. Development of a novel therapeutic protein that has the potential to prevent neurological disorders and potentially reverse their debilitating effects.


Neurological Center of Excellence. This hospital of the future will combine in one organization all components to speed new innovations to the marketplace. 


Clinical Trial Technology. Digital health application to reduce costs of clinical trials by democratizing them with a behavioral analytics mobile app.


Parkinson's Disease. Developing a drug that removes membrane-bound alpha-synuclein from nerve terminals in the gut which has been shown to reverse and prevent progression.


HIV Gene Editing Therapeutics. Company has developed a gene editing medicine to eradicate or disrupt viral genes in human patients such as HIV.


Eye Color.  Aesthetic laser technology that safely and permanently changes eye color. System is non-invasive and can change an individual's eye color from brown or hazel to blue or green.


Lung Cancer Diagnostic. This Platform technology has applications in early disease detection, biodefense, as well as autoimmune disease prevention and treatment.


Obesity. By using a mutated peptide from the HIV virus (that makes people waste away), the company has developed a fat burning drug that has shown to reduce body weight by 25% in animal studies.


Cardiovascular Breakthrough. Automated noninvasive device to reduce damage to organs during surgery or trauma has been shown to reduce the damage to the heart.


Regenerative Medicine. Naturally-produced regenerative products grown in a proprietary bioreactor without the use of embryonic stem cells or animal products. Initial focus on hair regrowth and oncology.


Accelerating Drug Development. Plug-In replacement for tests used throughout the drug development process, providing up to 30X increased test sensitivity, improved reproducibility and the need for less samples. Already in use by top 10 pharmaceutical companies.


Food allergy. Oral mucosal immunotherapy (OMIT) platform that treats common food allergies while patients brush their teeth.


Alzheimer’s Disease. Novel disease modifying, first in class small molecule therapeutics for the treatment of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s Disease.

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