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The report, which has been in development for some time and will premier in early 2017 an original approach to independent research to recognize worthy undervalued companies.  It uses a broad pool of sophisticated expert analysis to recognize exceptional and little known companies. It offers a mechanism for investors to identify high quality investment opportunities that otherwise go unnoticed.


The value to companies is significant, as they gain quality exposure to top investors that they may not otherwise reach. this is truly . We assess: 

  • Clinical Need - What medical issue is being addressed?  What is the underlying science/technology?  

  • Marketplace - How is this need being met today?  What are the competitive dynamics? 

  • Company Status - What are the company's needs today and how can it achieve its goals?  


Identity of submitting firms is kept strictly confidential.  If you know of any undervalued firms you would like to nominate please do so here

A highly inefficient market for microcap companies creates an opportunity.

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