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An iPad to change electronic medical records.


This company leverages the power of mobile devices to provide a variety of health applications that reduce administrative costs and increase efficiencies in patient care. The successful integration of the digital check-in process facilitates patient registration and engagement while helping providers minimize the costs related to the patient intake procedure. Integrating existing software with new software to bring the entire healthcare system into a faster and more efficient place.  Learn More




A means to turn brown eyes blue.

Contact lens use is very common among patients who have contracted acanthamoeba keratitis (a rare eye infection) as well as in individuals looking to modify their eye color for aesthetic purposes. This company surpasses the bounds of current ophthalmic laser innovation to deliver a safe, non-invasive, and effective method for permanent eye color change. This stand-alone technology will revolutionize how aesthetic alteration of eye color occurs, thus deeming colored contacts and disc insertion unnecessary. Learn More




A means to make the heart work better.


Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States. With 400,000 to 700,000 new cases of heart failure every year in the U.S. alone. Fueling a revolution in the treatment of heart failure through a novel biological therapy. This company takes advantage of known cardiovascular processes to drive protein production and thus significantly improve cardiac performance. This differs from current commonplace treatment options that have proven insufficiently potent. A successful go-to-market strategy will lead to the implementation of a preventive and effective remedy for heart failure cases. Learn More




A means to reduce addiction to pain medication.


The use of pain medication has changed over the last few decades as abuse has become frequently common. This company has developed targeted technologies that reduce prescription drug abuse and addiction and thus lower the cost of healthcare by controlling the drug delivery process while avoiding the constant involvement of the healthcare provider. A novel pill dispenser that is tamper-proof, as well as a cloud treatment portal that improves medication adherence has been created to address these needs. Learn More




A means for diagnosing Traumatic Brain Injury.


With an estimated 26.2% of Americans above 18 suffering from a diagnosable mental disorder each year and 2.5 million traumatic brain injuries occurring in 2010 alone, there is an urgent need for a transportable diagnostic machine that can be used by a non-specialist in the field. This company provides accessible, reasonably priced, and objective portable diagnostic technologies for the human brain. These multi-modal devices are useful for the assessment and management of brain health, including physical injuries as well as psychiatric disorders. Learn More




A cure for all flu viruses.


Approximately 200,000 Americans are hospitalized each year because of influenza (flu). This company utilizes novel biomimetic technology that uniquely imitates the human body’s sialic acid receptors for influenza without harm to the patient’s immune system in order to target and destroy viral cells. They are developing a broad-spectrum of anti-influenza drugs that will effectively put an end to every type of flu, which also has the potential to address other diseases in the $30 billion antiviral industry including Dengue Fever, herpes, bird flu, cold sores, and HIV. Learn More




A safer workplace for healthcare professionals.


As diseases like cancer evolve, drug therapies become more potent and effective at killing cells, but harm more than just the cancer. This is an inventive company that aims to revolutionize safe handling of chemotherapeutic and other toxic pharmaceuticals in order to protect a population that is exposed to these hazards on a daily basis: healthcare providers. This novel containment system is a durable, reliable and efficacious closed-system transfer device that enables caretakers to handle drugs safely during and after administration. With this ease of implementation, this technology can be used in cancer treatment facilities globally. Learn More




A new material to treat aneurysms.


This is a medical device company that utilizes groundbreaking and proprietary Shape Memory Polymer (SMP) materials for minimally invasive endovascular applications. Specifically, this company is seeking to revolutionize the treatment of cerebral aneurysms by implementing the use of their metal backbone expanding foam device that virtually eliminates the possibility that the aneurysm will re-form and serve as a severe threat to a patient. Cerebral aneurysms are life threatening and aneurysm rupture is likely to be fatal, so this process is vital in changing how they are currently addressed. Learn More




A sight-saving technology for degenerative disease.


The loss of sight due to degenerative eye diseases is a disorientating and life-changing debilitation for those affected. An innovative ophthalmologic company is developing sight-saving technologies for people suffering from degenerative eye diseases for which there are currently no cures. The company’s novel solution facilitates increased brightness, decreased fogginess, improved visual acuity, enhanced color perception and reduction of blind spots using neuromodulation/stimulation to mimic the natural processes for of the eye. Patients who were previously robbed of their sense of sight can now use mobile phones, drive, read newspapers and see the faces of loved ones. Learn More



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