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Finding the most promising companies and technologies is health and medicine.  


The Healthcare Microcap Report will identify the undervalued microcap  companies in healthcare and the life sciences using a research process that eliminates bias.


We have developed an innovative model to identify undervalued companies using an approach which can drive broad national exposure and increase value to companies.

Key Components and Success Factors:

  • Pure research model eliminates potential conflicts and bias from traditional investment banking “sell side” research.

  • A broader range of experts to evaluate companies will, on average, exceed the performance of an individual analyst.

  • “Best of the best” voting model enables merit to rise to the top as judges evaluate a carefully-screened group of exceptional companies.

Microcap Competition

The competition stems from an idea analogous to that of the TV series “Shark Tank,” whose model was to discover and catapult talented entrepreneurs with innovative products to fame and success. Here, we seek to identify undervalued microcap companies in healthcare and life sciences.

Each quarter, 20 exceptional companies will be presented to a prestigious and diverse panel comprised of active fund managers, experienced investors, clinical experts and key opinion leaders. These judges will select the top five companies.


The process is merit driven and standardized research reports are produced for each firm. Judges are given $3 million “OneMed Dollars” to distribute among the nominated companies. The top five companies that attract the most capital will be recognized nationally in the financial press.


The competition creates interest and news that will attract national attention, providing a dramatic increase in valuation for participating companies.


The best-suited companies are firms that can make a compelling case that their current share value is 50% or less that what they believe fair value is today or will be within 12 to 18 months. Companies pay a small administration fee to underwrite the costs of the contest.


We actively engage our network to help identify candidate companies. The firms that are often appropriate are those that may have any one of the following characteristics:

  • Experienced a precipitous drop in share price

  • Trading at near or below their cash value

  • Undergone management or strategic change

  • Working on a significant unmet need breakthrough


If you are aware of a company that deserves recognition: 



OneMedResearch has assembled a world class advisory board and a network of experts, including CEOs and financiers with substantial industry experience, who help in identifying highly promising early stage opportunities. 


Our mission is to support the development of promising companies and help them succeed. 


For more information, please contact


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