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Accessing the China Healthcare Market 


Understand the market and build relationships with Chinese healthcare and life science investors and strategic partners


OneMedMarket and China BioVentures is co-hosting the 2017 Sino-Europe BioPartnering

Conference, SEBP, in Shanghai, China May 15 - 16.  The event will be attended by hundreds of investors and strategic partners in China and Europe that are actively sourcing investment opportunities.


About twenty innovative companies from Europe, US and China will present their projects and business interests in the drug development, biotech, IVD and medical device sectors.


Over 300 from the industry and investment community will attend the conference.  The conference will include thought leaders from across the globe to discuss:  


  • Opportunities and challenges for the biomedical industry under China's new medical policy. 

  • Advances in precision medicine. How it can impact to the global pharmaceutical  industry and its potential for the the treatment of cancer.

  • Best practices for cross border partnership and investment opportunities.

China BioVentures offers  selected companies a unique benefit from this opportunity: 


  1. Market Assessment. A general review of the product and its prospects for success in China. 

  2. Partner Identification. Introductions to strategic and financial enterprises in China.

  3. Presentation. A presentation slot at the conference.

  4. Introductions to Investors. 5-7 meetings with qualified and partners and investors at the conference.  

  5. Catalog. Participating firm's  will be included in a catalog produced in both English and Mandarin. It will be used by our team in China to foster relationships with select strategic and financial investors.

  6. Social and Cultural. Dinners on May 14 and 15 and assistance making your visit enjoyable and allowing you to build your own network. 


To learn more about the event email us or click here to see the conference agenda


SEBP was  first  launched by G Med Consultinng,  Bioclouds, Biowin Lyonbiopole  and Juke Science Park  in 2013 in Shanghai.  Since then, the organizers have successfully organized four conferences, and works with numerous  industry leaders and investors.


The organizers offer pre-selection, onsite  support and followup services for European and US participants and have established a strong network with bioclusters, academia, hospitals, industry and investment  societies.



Regal International East Asia Hotel and Fenglin International Biomedical Center. 










The organizer of the event is Dr. Rong Hui Gao M.D. CEO of G-Med consulting and Managing Partner of China BioVentures. Which is a leading Chinese cross-border investment advisory firm. 



The event will feature panels and company presentations and meetings with attending investors and strategic partners.



OneMedMarket is selecting companies that are positioned for success in Chinese, including therapeutics, devices, diagnostics and healthcare IT firms.



Last year the event was attended by over 300 private equity and venture capital investors, large pharma partners and governmental officials.



Applicants to participate can receive a market assessment at no obligation. To learn more, please email us or click on the "reply to apply" button to register. 

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