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Private Company Research: Disruptive Technologies


Our objective is to identify the technologies and approaches that can be  game changers in healthcare and its delivery.  We use our knowledge network to source early stage companies that have extraordinary potential with the following characteristics: 


  1. Significant unmet market/clinical need

  2. Evidence of efficacy based on credible scientific research or market experience

  3. Capable management oriented to providing liquidity to investors 

  4. Current valuation that can offer a 5x – 15x return 


Projects, Companies and Technologies in Development and presenting June 9th 


Parkinson’sTreatment has been shown to dramatically reverse the symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease in
Disease animal models and in two patients with advanced stages of the disease. 


Obesity. A new mechanism of action uses brown fat to burn energy and deliver up to ~25% weight reduction in animal studies as compared to ~5% from current drugs. 

Drug Delivery. This spray-on application delivers medications directly through the skin, for systemic or localized application, with immediate effects and at lower levels of toxicity. 


Addiction. This pharmaceutical modifies the dopamine "reward" pathway in the brain that drives pleasure-seeking behaviors associated with addiction. Its first indication is smoking. 

Microscopy. This company’s new microscope can provide dramatically enhance images of fresh tissues at diagnostic resolution within minutes of acquiring a sample, and at far lower cost.  

Opiate Abuse. This health technology company uses telemedicine to control access to addictive and abused substances while enhancing medication compliance and adherence. 

Clinical Trials. An app that leverages bid data to improve patient engagement and accelerate patient recruitment, resulting in higher quality clinical trials and a substantially reduced cost. 


Alzheimer’s. A data-driven, personalized protocol treatment to prevent and slow the progression of   Alzheimer’s Disease, an approach that is rapidly gaining acceptance by neuroscientists. 

Aesthetics. Laser technology that safely and permanently changes eye color. This fast and non-invasive treatment can change eye color from brown or hazel to blue or green. 


Aesthetics. Naturally-produced, stem cell-based regenerative treatment has demonstrated superior performance in hair regrowth.

To learn more about the companies and technologies described at left, or to receive a catalogue of current projects, complete the short survey application by clicking on the active Investor button below.  

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