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OneMedRadio Interview with Emanuel Martinez, General Managing Director of GreenHills Ventures, LLC.

Click the video to hear the full interview.

Mr. Martinez is the General Managing Director for GreenHills Ventures, LLC, a private investment holding company managing several investment arms headquartered in New York City and Luxembourg.

Greenhills has more than $1.8 billion of both capital commitments and paid in capital in both their wealth management and funds. His first fund was GHV I which was founded in 2001 which has invested in 36 companies in medical device, healthcare technology, mobility, wireless and digital media. In 2013, the firm closed its second fund GHV Fund II which seeks to invest in the cloud computing sector as well. Overall Greeenhills has made 51 investments to date across all their investment arms. GHV II expects to make approximately 40 investments.

Greenhills' sweet spot are companies lead by seasoned experienced founders and managers. Typically they invest in the A thru C rounds with $1-$5 million investments, but can go as high as $20 million. Greenhills takes a unique approach in providing capital with its multi-tranche investment structure whereby they deploy capital to investee companies based on reasonable and achievable milestones with each tranche being deployed within 3-4 months apart over 1 to 3 years' timelines. This provides greater flexibility for the companies they investment in as well as provide a unique method to manage risk and increase enterprise valuations to meet their internal rates of returns prior to the possibility for a liquidity event.

In addition to technology Greenhills investment funds have a strong focus in medical devices, Health IT and does not invest in biotechnology or infrastructure projects. In response to a large deal flow of terrific companies needing smaller amounts of capital, the firm recently launched its Greenhills Angel Capital Group. Founded with 6 members and comprised of mostly ultra-high network investors including some private clients from its wealth management group, which has grown to 38 members and has made three investments to date. Emanuel is often invited to be a financial advisor to some companies and recently joined the advisory committee for the US Spain Chamber of commerce as well as OneMedMarket Advisory board.

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