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Uniquely capable of providing a range of critical research and communications services. 

Our clients are emerging companies and those who invest in such companies.


For selected companies we provide an economical integrated communications services that insure broad awareness for the company. For investors we provide business development and investment search services to help them find the “diamonds in the rough.”    

Specific activities. 

1.    Research. Our talented and diverse global advisory board helps us find and vet a wide range of healthcare and life science companies and enabling us to engage those truly worthy of support.

2.    Media. Our communications efforts through OneMedRadio and OneMedTV are anchored by Sentinel Newsletter that reaches 15,000 healthcare investors and executives weekly.

3.    Conferences. The OneMedForum will celebrate its 10th Anniversary and the China Forum its 7th in 2017. These conferences provide a showcase of the most promising emerging growth companies.  


CEOs must be focused on building the business, not chasing capital and communicating with investors.


Time with investors creates no shareholder value and drains on the company’s most limited resource.


We help lift this burden so that management can focus on building. 

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