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OneMedResearch Global Report:


A vast market created overnight. 


Access to tests has become a critical health need in the United States and Worldwide as the sudden unexpected tsunami has strained the healthcare system. Testing is regarded as the key to addressing the pandemic.


A Global Research Effort. 

A team of researchers in both the United States and Europe have produced a report on all significant tests in development.


This written report and an online database will provide a starting point for collaboration as it will provide a mechanism to understand the technologies and projects that have the greatest prospect of addressing this challenge. Our objective is to identify those with greatest potential,


Diagnostics Report Cover.PNG



Core Testing Technologies

  • RNA tests.  Lab Tests PCR.

  • Serology tests.  Blood tests.

  • Emerging areas. Digital imaging, temperature sensors.


The Supply Chain

  • Existing organizations. Industry size and structure. Profile of the primary suppliers.

  • Complementary Products and equipment. Capital equipment, RT-PCR instruments, reagents, swabs, and disposables

Commercialization Issues

  • Channel Distribution. Hospitals. Clinics, Pharmacy Store Pathology Centers.


Company Profiles

  • A profile on 160 companies with meaningful products related to improving the quality and reach of diagnostic testing related to coronavirus.  

Observations and Recommendations

  • Channel Distribution. Hospitals. Clinics, Pharmacy Store Pathology Centers

Company Data Collected

For each company we will provide 16 key data points..

  • Overview of firm

  • Technology summary. 

  • Clinical need

  • Testing type. 

  • Test sample type.

  • Time to result. 

  • Technology overview 

  • Required to perform. 

  • Setting of care.

  • Data of effectiveness.

  • Current status 

  • Business model. 

  • Funding and ownership.

  • Intellectual property.

  • History and origins. 

  • Organization.

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Included in COVID Testing Reports


  • 70 US companies at some stage of the FDA approval. (United States only).

  • 90 Ex US companies.  At some stage of the CE mark approval. (Europe) 

Included companies: 

  • 3D Medicines

  • Abbott Diagnostics Inc.

  • Abbott Molecular Inc.

  • Abwiz Bio

  • Aldatu Biosciences

  • altona Diagnostics GmbH

  • Atila BioSystems, Inc.

  • Ativa Medical

  • Autobio Diagnostics Co.

  • Avellino Lab USA, Inc.

  • Becton Dickinson

  • BGI Genomics Co. Ltd

  • Biocerna

  • BioFire Defense, LLC

  • BioMérieux SA

  • Bio-Rad Laboratories Inc.

  • Bright Line Research

  • Calbiotech, Inc.

  • Caspr Biotech

  • Cellex Inc.

  • Cepheid

  • Chembio Diagnostics

  • Co-Diagnostics, Inc.

  • Coyote Bioscience

  • DiaCarta, Inc

  • DiaSorin Inc.

  • DiaSorin Molecular, LLC

  • DNA Software, Inc.


  • Fast Track Diagnostics

  • FemtoDx

  • Fluxergy LLC

  • Fosun Pharma USA Inc.

  • GenMark Diagnostics

  • GenoSensor, LLC

  • Gnomegen LLC

  • Hologic

  • InBios International, Inc

  • InDevR Inc.

  • Intrasense SA

  • Ipsum Diagnostics, LLC

  • IVDbio Inc.

  • Jetta Labs LLP

  • Jiangsu Superbio Biomedical Technology (Nanjing) Co., Ltd

  • Kephera Diagnostics

  • LabGenomics Co., Ltd

  • LGC Biosearch technology

  • Lifeassay Diagnostics Pty

  • Luminex Corp.

  • Luminostics, Inc.

  • Maccura Biotechnology

  • Mammoth Biosciences

  • Mesa Biotech Inc.

  • NeuMoDx Molecular, Inc.

  • Next Pharma Inc.

  • Novacyt/primerdesign

  • OPTI Medical Systems, Inc.

  • Orig3n, Inc.

  • Ortho Clinical Diagnostics

  • OSANG Healthcare

  • PerkinElmer, Inc.

  • Pinpoint Science Inc.

  • Predigen Inc.

  • Primerdesign Ltd.


  • Quansys Biosciences

  • QuantuMDx

  • Quidel

  • Quotient Limited SA

  • RetroVirox Inc.

  • Rheonix, Inc.

  • Roche Molecular

  • Saladax Biomedical Inc.

  • Sansure BioTech Inc.

  • ScienCell Research

  • SD Biosensor, Inc.


  • Seegene, Inc.

  • Sherlock Biosciences

  • The Corona Initiative, PBC

  • Thermo Fisher Scientific

  • Trax Management Services

  • Twist Bioscience

  • Ultimate Dx Laboratory

  • Vela Diagnostics Great Basin System

  • Zalgen Labs, LLC

  • Zymo Research Corp.

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