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Global research on major sectors of healthcare and the life sciences.


Over the last ten years, OneMedMarket has built a global network of investors, entrepreneurs, analysts, executives, and scientists, which enables us to gather unique insight into emerging companies and investment opportunities.


We use a vigorous selection process that investors can rely upon. Our objective is to address the following key points:


  • Clinical Need - What are the major medical problems and how significant are they for patients and the healthcare system? What is the underlying science and technology? What is the standard of care and how is this clinical need being met today?  


  • Marketplace - Who are the players in the space, and what are their strengths and weaknesses? What are the economic drivers and the competitive dynamics? What are the core factors that would impact success in this market? 

  • New Technologies and Disruptors - What new technologies are on the horizon that could disrupt the marketplace? Where are the major opportunities? 


OneMedResearch sector reports offer comprehensive evaluation of our core areas of pursuit. Including


>>  Obesity 

>>  Parkinson's 

>>  Pain & Addiction  

>>  Oncology

>>  Digital Health

>>  Drug Delivery 


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