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OneMedResearch Global Report: Obesity

A vast market in search of a blockbuster.


Rapidly growing and increasingly costly to the healthcare system, obesity is regarded as an epidemic. Yet there has been little in the way of new drugs coming to market, with just four drugs approved in the last five years and none in the preceding 13 years.


Our research indicates a substantial amount of promising innovation on the horizon. These reports identify these opportunities to give investors and overall understanding of the Obesity market. They include drug targets and the mechanisms of action in both scientific terms and in a format understandable to any investor.



Report available as a whole or in four separate modules. 








































































































What’s What. Obesity clinical need, challenges and current situations. In this report we provide an understanding of Obesity; the epidemiology, current treatments, worldwide trends, and benefits of treatments. Included white paper on “What Investors Should Know.” Preview of report currently in production. 


What’s Now. Current Players and Market Structure. A look at the current marketplace; the current players, market share, the various treatments, mechanisms of action. As well as drugs on the market today, relative strengths and weakness, profiles of the various players  and technologies. For preview of this report, click here.


What’s Next. Future Players and Technologies. This report provides a look at the future expected marketplace. The new and emerging companies and the technologies being developed, drug targets and mechanisms of action. Strengths and weaknesses of their concepts and expectations in regards to approvals, in addition to profiles of the various players and technologies. For preview of this report, click here.


Who’s Who. The Ecosystem: Directory of Important Institutions and Individuals. This supplies a useful resource to connect with the important players  and the roles they play in the overall ecosystem. Organization, key contact information, analysis, major events, publications, key management biographies including investment houses, associations, publications, research institutions, and foundations. Preview of report currently in production.


Table of Contents and summary overview available here.


Included in these four reports made of 45 pages 16,650 words are the following Tables, Charts, Figures and Analysis:


Treatment algorithm for assessment of overweight and obesity patients as suggested by the NHLBI. The Obesity Education Initiative considers the following: patient’s weight, waist circumference, and presence of risk factors.


Comparison of the prevalence of overweight and obese children and adults from 1980 to 2013. Rise in obesity for Men, Women, Boys and Girls in the 33 year period globally


The WHO Disease Report (2010) of age-standardized prevalence of overweight (a) and obese (b) in WHO Regions and by World Bank income groups. 


Comparison of the prevalence of overweight and obese children and adults from 1980 to 2013 reflecting the rise in Obesity for Men, Women, Boys and Girls in the 33 year period globally.


Prevalence of overweight and obesity from 1980-2013 in males and females in developed and developing countries according 2014 Lancet study providing a comparison of growth for both BMI levels of 25 kg/m and 30 kg/m.


Comparative advantages and disadvantages of medication vs. surgery/devices for treatment of Obesity. Minimum BMI for use, advantages and disadvantages.


Data for total bariatric procedures according to the American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery for 2011-2013.


Estimated proportion of obesity drugs and device markets by type. Actual and estimated market share of 8 types of treatments for Obesity for the period beween 2009 and 2019.  


Impact on Obesity drugs since the launch of Contrave on Jan. 16, 2015. A comparison of market share for Belviq, Qsumia and Contrave from their beginnings.


Major organizations involved in obesity education, awareness, and research. Summary of mission statement for the nine leading global obesity organizations.


Currently Available Obesity Drugs in the US. Mode of action, trade name, mechanism and mean adjusted with loss (%) for nine Obesity drugs currently sold in the United States.  Mechanism of action for: Norepinephrine, Dopamine. Serotonin, Glucagon-like peptides, Lipases and Bupropion.


Comparative Strengths and Weaknesses of six leading Obesity Drugs in US Market. Strengths, Most frequent side effects and other notable disadvantages for each.


Major market sales for obesity drugs (2011-2021). Estimates of market share of the approved Obesity drugs for in the seven major markets (US, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom and Japan.


Sales of Emerging Obesity Drugs in the US Market. Comparison of number prescriptions filled during the 2014, the first quarter of 2015 and the week ending 5/1/15.


Major Investors in Emerging Obesity Drugs. List of 19 Institutional investors into Obesity companies with commentary on strategic relationships.


FDA Approved & Phase I/II/III companies that are poised to enter in the obesity drug market. Target, Mechanism of action and status of ten drugs approved or in clinical trial.


Company Profile of New Entrants in the Market. Company, CEO, Year Founded, Location, Drug, Funds Raised, Investors, Drug Phase and Mode of Administration for 17 companies.


List of Companies with Obesity Drugs in Pipeline. Listing of:  Drug target, Phase, Mechanism of action and notes on 27 companies globally.


Comparison of new entrants in the market. Summary of Molecule type, M=mode of administration, effect. Mechanism of action and Phase for 17 new and recent entrants.


Summary of recent market activity for new entrants in the anti-obesity market space.


Summary of 13 combinations (merger, acquisition, partnership) transactions in Obesity since 2006.  


Anti-Obesity Drug company closures and drug failures and withdrawals.  


List of Investors and an overview of (1) Anti-Obesity Drug Investments and (2) Most recent investments. 



To receive our White Paper on What Investors Should Know About Obesity, click here and take our short survey.

Included in Obesity Reports


  • 32 companies with obesity drugs in development: preclinical to FDA approved.  

  • 11 drugs at some stage of the FDA approval. (United States only).

  • 21 distinct drug targets with non-scientific summaries.

  • 18 mechanism of action. Summaries with a non-scientific conclusion of each.

  • Two recently approved drugs. Comparison and contrast of Saxenda and Contrave.

  • 14 venture, private equity funds with active investments in the space.

  • Primary business development contacts at the major strategic investors. 

  • 24 professional groups, non-profits, associations, media outlets and influencers.

  • 7 promising new entrants. Expanded profiles of companies our analysts found most interesting.


Research Reports Now Available! For more information on these research reports or to request a sample please contact:


Editorial Coverage Planned


  • Brown Fat. A discovery made in 2012 could be the breakthrough that leads to a treatment and potential cure for the worldwide obesity epidemic.


  • Fen Phen: How a mistake can set back development of important technology. 15 years after the demise of Wythe, new drugs are coming into the obesity market.



What Investors Should Know About Obesity



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