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The Sentinel is a bi-weekly e-newsletter distributed to healthcare executives and investors with content originating on our news and information site: It coverage focuses on breakthrough technologies in health and medicine and individuals who are shaping the future of the industry. The site also provides an analysis of public policy and regulatory issues that impact the financial ecosystem for U.S. growth companies.


Companies Targeted for Editorial Coverage


The Sentinel concentrates its coverage on public and private emerging growth companies in healthcare and the life sciences. Its mission is to “discover” and provide information on these firms, as well as offer ongoing coverage for select highly promising companies. Our network of experienced scientific advisers and research analysts play a key role in sourcing interesting companies.


Editorial Sections


  1. Feature Stories: Major trends and areas of research

  2. Company News: Updates on important developments and upcoming events

  3. Ideas & Technologies: Brief profiles of innovative companies and technologies

  4. Interviews: Interviews with industry leaders, company CEOs, investors, and Advisory Board members, available in audio format with full transcript

  5. Industry News: Coverage of major industry developments, news on key players and sponsored events

  6. Politics & Policy: Stories on policy matters and regulatory issues


Circulation and Distribution


The Sentinel provides a controlled news circulation to those seriously engaged in bringing innovations in health and medicine to the marketplace. The newsletter is distributed to more than 15,000+ investors and industry professionals, sourced over a span of nine years hosting the OneMedForum conferences, and through our partnerships with financial firms, media outlets, conference organizers and research firms. 




The Sentinel is distributed bi-weekly on Sunday morning. We seek to cover the news for the week and provide our unique review, similar to Meet the Press or Face the Nation.




Advertising is principally dedicated to our strategy partners.




We provide ongoing coverage for a number of companies that are members of our media network. Each member company is provided with a spotlight on their technology, an interview with the CEO and access to postings in the classified section.

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