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About China BioVentures

We enable US companies to reach this vast and growing market while providing to Chinese companies the world’s most advanced healthcare technologies.

We act as principals to create joint ventures that maximize value to both our Western and Chinese partners.  CBV offers a rare combination of access to the most advanced technologies with distribution to meet the needs of large and rapidly growing China market.

The China Dilemma

For both Western and Chinese companies, cross border transactions are difficult. Language issues, cultural issues, trust issues make transactions inefficient and with significant financial and opportunity cost and risk.

As such despite the vast opportunity for sides, cross border transactions remain rare. Well managed Western companies decline the distraction and cost of pursuing China in order to remain focused on building their existing markets.  

China BioVentures eliminates these disadvantages to create great opportunity for both Chinese and Western companies by offering and efficient and low risk approach to cross border partnerships.

The CBV Approach to China

Once it has sourced a promising technology appropriate to China, CBV acts as a principal to establish a new enterprise, managing all aspects of the organization, including, legal, financial, regulatory considerations. It conducts extensive market research to develop a strategy to commercialize the technology and to find the best Chinese partner to operate the Newco. 

Throughout this process CBV establishes relationships with major companies and developmental authorities in China to bring them Western projects that fit their specifications.

China’s Healthcare Future

Meeting the healthcare needs of its 1.3 billion citizens is a priority for the Chinese government and critical for the country’s stability and prosperity. Technological advances from the West can play a central role to meet this need and CBV is uniquely positioned to provide these technologies.  As such, CBV works closely with governmental and development authorities in China to ensure that its companies receive legal and regulatory support.  


Management. China BioVentures is owned managed equally by Chinese National and an American. The principals, Ronghui Gao (China) and Brett Johnson (US) are well known, highly regarded with long standing of relationships with the senior healthcare executives in their respective countries. Collectively they overcome the trust and communications issues and give comfort to both sides of fairness by insuring efficient communications and thereby reduced risk.

OneMedMarket Relationship

CBV benefits from its relationship with OneMedMarket, which for over a decade has been focused on sourcing and assisting the most promising emerging companies in healthcare and life sciences in the United States. Through its conferences, research and publications it has developed an extraordinary database and relationships with the most talented scientists, executives and entrepreneurs.  CBV is a sponsor of the OneMedForum, the 11th Annual of which will be held across the street from the JP Morgan Healthcare conference.  The OneMedForum was the first satellite conference held in San Francisco during the JP Morgan event. With its China Forum seven years ago it alos hosted the first China related investment conference during the JP Morgan week.


OneMedMarket and G-Med Consulting formed China BioVentures, a company focused on bringing healthcare innovations and technologies to China. Based in Hong Kong with offices in Shanghai, New York and Cambridge UK, the founders and managing partners of the new entity are Brett Johnson and Dr. RongHui Gao MD.

The company’s primary office will be in the new Fenglin International Biomedical Center in the Xuhui district of Shanghai. The Fenglin center is supported by the Shanghai government and is focused on health financing, high end medical service, and clinical medicine.  As the premier location for healthcare development in China, it is strategically located in the academic, clinical and medical hub of Shanghai with proximity to 9 leading hospitals, over 14 universities, and 117 research institutes.

The Chinese healthcare market is vast, growing and impractical, if not impossible, for western companies to penetrate. With Dr. Gao’s understanding of Chinese healthcare, his relationships throughout the country and the support of the government, China BioVentures can accelerate the delivery of life changing healthcare technologies to the nearly 1.3 billion Chinese citizens. China BioVentures provides an entry point to the top of the healthcare system in China

Sino-Euro Bio Partnering event (SEBP) 

The goal of the conference is to connect the best technologies from the West with prominent Chinese healthcare providers. 10 projects from both the United States and Europe will be presented to a select group of academics, government officials, regulators and industry leaders.

SEBP was first launched by G-Med consulting and European clusters in 2013. Since then, four successful conferences have attracted numerous industry leaders and investors, a strong network of bio-clusters, academia, hospitals, industry and investment societies. G-Med Consulting CEO, Dr. Rong Hui Gao, is a co-founder of China BioVentures and is also CEO of the Fenglin International Biomedical Center.


Mr. Johnson is Founder and CEO of OneMedMarket, a New York based research and media company whose mission is to identify and provide a platform for the most promising investment opportunities in emerging growth companies in health care and life sciences globally. The company is active in promoting capital access to entrepreneurial companies and is best known for producing the OneMedForum, an annual conference showcasing launched in 2007 and fostering the development of a database of growth companies. In 2010 he launched the China Forum which is now a partnering conference which runs adjacent to the OneMedForum. In 2014 he founded OneMedChina to bring advanced healthcare and medical technologies to China. Full Bio

Rong Hui founded G-Med Consulting in 2013 in Shanghai and focused on Europen and US SMEs to access to the Chinese life science market. Dr. Gao is an expert at cross-border investments and was a senior development executive for the China Medical City and BioBay which are two of the leading medical clusters in China. Rong Hui holds a clinical medicine degree in Qingdao University Medical College (1986-1991) and an MBA in Manchester Business School, UK (2001-2003). Full Bio 

Brett Johnson Managing Partner United States

Dr. Rong Hui Gao M.D.

Managing Partner China

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