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Business Development.  

The OneMed Business Development platform is tailored toward high potential, emerging growth companies that are serious about reaching investors and strategic partners.  Companies can dramatically increase their visibility through the research and news coverage offered by OneMed Media Group, as well as through a range of our advisory and introductory services. 


Research and Media Coverage


OneMed Media Group provides a range of media and communications tools through the Sentinel, our bi-weekly publication that is broadly circulated to a diverse audience of 30,000 investors, KOLs, and executives in healthcare and the life sciences. Member firms benefit from our ongoing editorial coverage designed to provide a high level of awareness of a specific company and to report its progress over time. Key components of the Sentinel:


  • News Coverage – The Sentinel provides frequent updates on a company's progress, which will also be available in a form of a press release for the company's use.

  • Interview Conducted by OneMed Radio, a CEO's interview is published in the Sentinel and is also available in a digital audio format to be used on our news and information site. Ideal reprint will be provided for investor packages. 


  • Technology Profile – The Sentinel’s “Ideas and Technologies” section offers concise easy-to-read summaries of member companies with an option to learn more about each firm.


  • Video Interview – OneMedTV has assembled over 1,000 high-quality management interviews. These professionally produced, high-quality videos provide a powerful and appealing communications tool.


Advisory Services

OneMedMarket offers an independent third-party insight, designed to help companies understand how they are perceived in the market, develop their thesis, and improve their image.


  • Key Opinion Leader Feedback – Our global network of industry experts, including scientific advisors to the Board and research analysts, analyze a company's materials and web presence, and provide constructive feedback, critique and advice to member companies on how to enhance their appeal.


  • Online Audit – We provide an insight on how a company is perceived by an analyst or investor based on its web presence. Our team conducts  keyword research and analyzes social media sites to generate a feedback report and offer actionable steps on how to improve a company's reach and first impression.


  • Market Overview and Sector Report – We partner up with research analysts and professionals in the medical field to provide companies with an overview of the market and sector analysis relevant to their space.



Packaging and Presentation Services


  • Standardized Executive Summary – We help companies prepare professional executive summaries in a factsheet form emphasizing key points important to investors. The summaries are prepared in a standardized concise format ensuring that they are appealing and offer a powerful communications tool.

  • Company Dedicated Investor Information Site – We assist companies in preparing effective yet simple presentations, which include all the key components and make the initial due diligence process easier and more efficient. Member companies will have a dedicated page on our site for our investor network to review. We can also provide access to a password-protected deal room, where we will assemble company's materials, and offer guidance on investor communications and management of due diligence.

  • Conference Participation – Member companies will have a presentation slot at our conferences, including our annual OneMedForum in San Francisco during the JP Morgan week.  We also provide access to our proprietary and highly ranked OneMedConnect partnering system allowing companies to schedule meetings with interested investors. Our team offers assistance in raising investor awareness of a presenting member company and with scheduling one-on-one meetings.

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