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Mr. Daniels is the CEO of Stroma Medical, an Irvine, California company that's developed an innovative approach to eye color. Stroma Medical is a medical device company that's focused on eye aesthetics. Their first product is a system that can safely and effectively change the color of people's eyes from dark colors to light. Read more...
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Click to listen audio file Interview with Stroma Medical CEO, D. Daniels

David Weild, founder and CEO of IssuWorks, a new firm that develops strategies to help corporate issuers of equity securities reach a vast number of institutional investors that are not currently being reached by traditional means. Weild was formerly head of equities at a major Wall Street investment bank, former vice chairman of NASDAQ, and more recently conducted primary research on capital markets, which has led to a wholesale reevaluation of capital markets culminating in the JOBS Act.  He’s widely recognized as an expert on market structure issues globally. Read more...
IssuWorks - David Weild
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Click to listen audio file Interview with IssuWorks CEO, D. Weild

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