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OneMedMarket will sponsor the Second Annual Disruptive Growth and Healthcare Conference in New York City on February 15-16, 2017. The event is hosted by Source Capital Group and will take place following and adjacent to the BIO CEO conference. The event's venue is the Convene Conference Center located at 730 Third Avenue (bet 45th / 46th Streets).

The conference represents an opportunity to bring the major players and firms working in the healthcare industry to New York. In the same way that the JP Morgan has made San Francisco the mecca for healthcare finance during the month of January, the February BIO CEO event in New York is starting to create a similar dynamic. 

The model worked well in year one, with 90 companies, over 500 investors and more than 400 partnering meetings held with four adjacent company presentation tracks.

The focus of Source Capital Group is on NYSE and NASDAQ listed firms. OneMedMarket will host a separate track for private and microcap public companies.

Source Capital Group was founded 24 years ago by David Harris, from the founding family of Harris Upham & Co. The firm has approximately $700 million in investable assets, about 20 bankers and 100 registered reps operating from seven offices. 


OneMedMarket has been hosting healthcare investment conferences for the last ten years, and has built a robust network of highly promising early stage microcap and private companies. We expect a very dynamic event again this year, offering an opportunity for CEOs to meet with diverse groups of financial and strategic investors. To attend as a presenting company or investor please click on one of the application links below:


The 2017 Disruptive Growth & Healthcare Conference, February 15-16, 2017, hosted by Source Capital Group will feature presentations from CEOs, CFOs, COOs and CMOs of life science companies focusing on solutions to unmet medical needs and growth companies with disruptive technologies and business models. The conference is co-sponsored by OneMedMarket and is open to Financial Advisors, Wealth Managers, Family Offices, Sell-Side Analysts, Institutional Investors, Accredited Investors, and Clients.



Midtown Manhattan. Convene Conference Center, 730 Third Avenue, walking distance of the BIO CEO conference.





Presenting companies will take advantage of investor databases of both OneMedMarket and Source Capital Group, and capitalize on the communications program involving OneMedMedia’s e-newsletter, The Sentinel.  


Investors interested in attending must complete a standard questionnaire.

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