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Reducing liquidity risk for investors makes private investing more attractive. 


Irrespective of how compelling the idea and talented the management, the lack of liquidity makes investing in private companies unattractive for most investors.


The goal of OneMedMarket is to solve this problem by providing liquidity. This makes investing in private companies an attractive option for those with the skill and knowledge to accept higher risk for higher return.


OMM will utilizes a global network of value-added investors to source investment opportunities in the companies that are shaping the future of health and medicine.  




OneMedMarket is working toward the creation of a vertical secondary market for trading shares in emerging private healthcare and life science companies with the help of the following:


>>  Due diligence

>>  Investment intelligence

>>  Research


OMM meetings and conferences will provide the opportunity for accredited investors to meet management of promising companies. 



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