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A cure for all flu viruses.




A pharmaceutical company has breakthrough technology that can be used in the treatment of a variety of life-threatening viral infections including HIV, which is one of the top ten leading causes of death across the globe, and influenza, which causes 50,000 deaths per year in the United States. Using novel biomimetic technology that uniquely imitates the body’s natural receptors, the product targets specific viral cells and destroys them without damaging the host’s immune system, which has been a major limitation in previous treatment systems. This specific method of action also ensures the unlikelihood of viral resistance and other harmful side effects.



Viral infections, including Influenza, Dengue Fever, Herpes, HIV, Rabies, and Filo viruses are common and costly to treat; some are even incurable and just require ongoing treatment and medication. This technology can target a wide variety of viral cells and destroy them without damage to the host’s immune system.



This antiviral market is estimated at over $30 B by the end of 2017, with HIV accounting for approximately 61% of this market. This technology can be used across the board for all types of viral infections. As the flu market alone is worth $21 B, this technology has the capacity to revolutionize the antiviral market.



This highly advanced and effective technology represents the next generation of immunotherapeutics. It can be manipulated to target a broad spectrum of viruses, or if needed, just a particular virus. Unlike other existing antibodies or vaccine therapies, this technology traps and disassembles the virus- including the protein coat of the virus that allows for cell attachment- thus ensuring the unlikelihood of viral resistance and other side effects.



Currently, this company has already raised $22 MM while also having introduced their technology into hospitals and a large array of pre-clinical candidates ready to begin once the specific antivirals are ready to be tested. Creating specific antivirals will reduce the strain on the heavily depleted supply of vaccines for some of these viruses and also eliminate the burden in countries with large outbreaks and a largely unvaccinated population. The market for this technology is extremely broad and has a lot of potential for revenue and growth.



The company currently has exclusive licenses in perpetuity for technologies developed by TheraCour for the treatment of human viral diseases, such as HIV, Influenza, Hepatitis C and B, and Rabies in addition to Dengue, Ebola/Marburg and a variety of other viruses.





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