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Accelerating Capital Access 

One day intensive session on capital raising strategies and tactics to structure and package growth companies that attract growth capital.


This confidential and interactive session brings together industry experts, CEO’s and investors. It provides an insight into the investor mindset, optimal deal structuring, and effective investor presentation. We will talk about how to leverage successes and failures and capitalize on financing opportunities made possible by the new regulations, such as the JOBS Act and Regulation A+. Saturday March 12, 2016. 


The session will also include a presentation of the first Reg A+ financing.


Start-up Raises $17 Million Online Using Reg A+. Could This be a Sea Change?


The event offers coaching on investor presentations and provides introductions to a select group of high profile investors. The objective is to accelerate a company’s access to capital via strategy, tactics and execution:


1.     Review and critique of financing strategy and deal structure.

2.     Review, audit, critique of presentation and coaching.

3.     SEC updates on new regulatory financing structures post JOBS Act and Reg A+.

4.     Confidential CEO and CFO roundtable discussions in a peer-to-peer environment.

5.     Company presentations to accredited and institutional investors.

6.     Direct introductions to select appropriate investors.

7.     Reception for companies and investors.


Companies that apply can receive a free critique by our expert faculty on their web ex presentation.  


For information on participating complete a short profile from below: 

Reply to Apply


Joint project of OneMedMarket and Created in 2015 by Scott Lopez to provide intensive training for capital raising, joins efforts with OneMedMarket that bring its expertise and network of breakthrough healthcare companies to provide an intensive training session and investor introductions. Video trailer from 2015.  



Pelican Hill is located in Newport Beach California and is among the highest rated resorts in the United States.










By design this is a small event focused on interaction among a select group of CEO's of fast growth companies, experts and investors. We encourage you to complete a short survey to receive additional information.



Morning Session is a single track on critical issues for raising capital. Afternoon Sessions offer two tracks: Company Investor Presentations and Peer Advisory roundtable meetings.



Experts in raising capital building presentations will provide insights and share their expertise with attendees. 




Companies interested in presenting can complete a short questionnaire and provide the most recent PowerPoint deck, and/or video executive summary about the company and its strategy. Apply



Investors interested in attending must complete the standard questionnaire. Apply

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